Inter TV channel launches a new travel-show Heads and Tails (Orel I Reshka), in which the presenters Alan Badoev and Zhanna Badoeva show how to travel around the world – with money or without them.

It is the first time the famous director acts as a television presenter. According to the plan, the Badoev spouses travel the world, and one of them tries on the role of a very well-to-do traveler, and the other – the role of “wanderer” that is very limited in funds, with a budget of USD/EUR 100. Before each new trip Alan and Zhanna decide by toss who this time will get the “gold credit card” and the opportunity to learn all the best in the new country, and who – “economy offer” and the chance to experience real adventures.

Shooting has already taken place in Europe, the USA and now continues in Asia.

Travel-show Heads and Tails (Orel I Reshka) is an author’s project of Zhanna Badoeva, considerable experience of TV productions under her belt.

Zhanna, an actress by education, she worked as a creative producer of dance television contest Dancing for You (Tantsiu dlya Tebe) (1+1), as well as the producer of talent show Superstar (Superzirka) (1 + 1). In the new project on Inter channel, Zhanna is not only the author of the idea, but also the main character of the show, which she makes with her soul mates from Artishok company. Natella Krapivina is the producer of Heads and Tails (Orel I Reshka).

Alan Badoev: “For the first few days, it was very difficult to be on the other side of the camera. For me, it’s a crazy withdrawal. During the first two or three programs all the time I felt like saying, “Why do you shoot from there, you should do it otherwise!”. However, despite the common opinion that I am a tyrant and a man who can manage the process single-handedly, I felt very comfortable working with my wife. ”

Zhanna Badoeva: “I was nervous before start of shooting and was ready that I would have to besiege Alan. But he proved himself as a professional and fully trusted me and my team, for which I’m very grateful to him. “

The premiere release of the show Heads and Tails (Orel I Reshka) will be dedicated to the Badoevs’ American adventure. The spouses visited such cities as New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. While one of them bathed in luxury, taking journeys on the helicopter, having lunch at the best restaurants and buying designer clothes, the other had to go on Shanks’s pony and even to earn his/her keep. Do not miss the TV screen debut of Alan Badoev and Zhanna Badoeva on Sunday, February 13 on Inter channel.

We shall remind that in 2010, at the invitation of Vladimir Zelensky, Alan Badoev became a creative producer of the comic show Porobleno v Ukraini on Inter channel. In addition, the director is the producer of the best singer of Ukraine according to the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards Max Barskih. Besides, this February, there will be premiere of the first in the CIS 3D video clip for the song “Lost In Love”, also directed by Alan Badoev. View promotional video here.