Ukrainian director Alan Badoev shot in Kyiv a video clip for Romanian singer Celia and American rapper Kaye Styles.

The singer’s producer Costi Ionita, who collaborated with Bob Sinclar, Shaggy and Sonique, addressed to several American and European directors to shoot the large-scale video. However, after a lot of discussions, the choice fell on the Ukrainian director Alan Badoev known for his bold creative ideas and solutions.

Video for Romanian star Celia and American Kaye Styles for the song Is it Love was shot in a specially equipped hall in Kyiv. Dozens of quintals of sand, dozens of kilograms of honey, broken cars and passionate kisses – Alan Badoev joined all this in the scenes with unique spectacularity.

The shooting process took two days. Singer Celia and her team were poured with real honey: and though the process itself was rather unpleasant, the result was impressive. When the singer had completely washed away the honey, her skin looked as if she had spent the last two days in SPA-salon rather than at exhaustible filming directed by Badoev.

It is worth noting that this is the first experience of Alan Badoeva with Romanian and American performers. Earlier, the director collaborated with the French-Canadian star Lara Fabian as part of the musical film Mademoiselle Zhivago (producer and composer Igor Krutoy).

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Pop singer Celia is known not only in Romania, but also abroad. The singer has several successful singles under her belt that hit the first lines of the dance charts. Celia’s duet track with the popular rapper Kaye Styles Is it Love has already become a hit on many European dance floors.

View the new work by Alan Badoev for Is it Love of the singer Celia and rapper Kaye Styles here.