Gordon Boulevard newspaper, in the column Life of Outstanding People, published a short interview with the director and producer.

“I stopped shooting clips on a massive scale, because I want to work with the performers who are willing to tell stories rather than just stand and sing in the scene. I tell everyone that I reserved the right to choose with whom to work, and with whom to hold over until it is consonant with my feelings.

And before starting shooting a new video, I will determine: whether a singer wants to say something to the audience, or for him the main thing is to show his beautiful face on TV?”

“I think that from the latest work – Max Barskih’s project “According to Freud” – it is already clear that I changed the style. Even Mademoiselle Zhivago starring Lara Fabian eloquently tells about it.

Those who watched it understood it: I do not want my clips and movies (I have several screenplays in progress) to glister like candy wrappers. I want them to be meaningful, and I will do my best for it.”

Read full version of the interview with Alan Badoev in the latest issue of the weekly publication Gordon Boulevard.