Co-operation between the director and world-renowned baritone has become possible thanks to the music of the composer and producer Igor Krutoy.

In some lost world, among the columns and walls of the ancient temple built by unknown people, a child – a creature of other world having the ability to see through time and space – was raising a high ladder. One touch of the hand – and a huge wall in front of him parted, and the light of Truth, Love and Harmony spilled on this Earth…

Thus Alan Badoev began his story of love overcoming death.

This story became the adaptation of the composition of Igor Krutoy “You and I” performed by the world opera legend Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

The director makes this work extremely important, because it is one of the very few visualizations of the world leading opera singers’ works. “The best artists, graphics, animators, stylists of our country are engaged with the project. Pieces of scenery unique in its scale are used; original make-up and costumes were created.

The shootings involved more than 100 extras, over 100 costumes were sewed, and about 200 bald caps were ordered.

All my experience, all the best developed and tested by our team was used in this project,”- says the director.
This is a story about a Woman-Rose that kills the men she loves with her spines. She is persecuted as a witch and handed back into the hands of the executioner, whose role is played by Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

Suddenly, the executioner and his victim (played by Olga Makeeva who starred in Badoev’s movie “OrangeLove”) fall in love with each other. Who will survive in this situation? The audience will get the answer to this question after the completion of all works on this musical mini-film.