Something, awaited for over three years by fans of Lara Fabian, Alan Badoev and Igor Krutoy around the world, has happened. With a difference of one day, the Ukrainian and Russian capital hosted special shows of “Mademoiselle Zhivago”. Colleagues, friends and the most loyal fans of the creative trio, as well as journalists, were the first to see the musical project consisting of 9 short stories.

The guests of Kyiv premiere included singer Ani Lorak with her husband Murat, Olympic champion Elbrus Tedeev, People’s Artist of Ukraine and Alan Badoev’s friend Natalya Mogilevskaya, publisher and journalist Dmitry Gordon, musician Fagot and designer Olga Navrotskaya, producer Yuri Nikitin and NIKITA band member Dasha Astafyeva, musician Dmitry Shurov with his wife, TV presenter Zhanna Badoeva, singer Santa Dimopoulos, Zavalsky sisters from Alibi Band, director Simon Gorov, Gorchitza ex-member singer Alloise, vice president of NTRC Walid Harfouch, singer Vlad Darwin and many others. Max Barskih also managed to come to the premiere finding time after his tour – in Winter Bouquet (Zimniy Buket) short story a singer played a Russian soldier, who in love with the character of Lara Fabian.

At the very beginning of the press conference, the producer and composer Igor Krutoy with a smile on the face admitted to the audience that he was immensely happy that they would finally present Mademoiselle Zhivago:

“It’s such an all-out project. It is a miracle that it is finished”.

Our project is about the love of a woman embodied by Lara Fabian – director Alan Badoev told the reporters. – This woman was at the heart of the set, who sustained the inspiration in everybody throughout the shooting process. There you look at this actress – and you want to excel as much as possible, to be better every second, you get the frantic energy. This is a phenomenon of a great artist”.
Lara Fabian herself said that thanks to the project she was able to open new creative facets in herself:
“While working on the project, I realized that I can perform multiple roles at the same time. I am presented in this project in a way, in which one has never seen me, I sing the songs that explain each scene. A great team works with Alan Badoev, which enabled us to present in the scenes everything that I wanted to say.”

She added: “The most difficult part for me was the character of woman from Auschwitz. I remember very well how we arrived on the set, and how I felt ill at ease…”

After the filmshow was over, the whole hall gave a standing ovation to the creators of “Mademoiselle Zhivago” project.

– I really liked the music of Igor Krutoy, play of Lara Fabian: she was not mincing and looked very natural. Director’s work was at a very high level. This is a true success that Ukraine shoots the projects at really European level, – Dmitry Gordon commented on what he saw on the screen.

– Alan showed me short stories from the very beginning of work on “Mademoiselle Zhivago”. We’re friends, and I have witnessed the development of many of his projects. I am sorry that Alan showed not all filmed stories at the premiere. Among those that were played, my favourites are Fragility (Khrupkost) and Lullaby (Kolybelnaya), – said Natalya Mogilevskaya