The director confessed that it was his first professional award in Ukraine.

The most reputed Ukrainian music video director will celebrate his anniversary in Indonesia On January 10, Alan Badoev, the director and producer well-known in the territory of the CIS and Eastern Europe, celebrates his 35th birthday. Badoev is not going to throw a big party on the occasion of his anniversary. On the contrary, he will celebrate it in private. For the third consecutive time Alan is going to Bali to restore his strength after a busy and productive year.

He is accompanied by the fashion designer dyad of the Ukrainian brand LUVI – Ludmyla Sedliar and Victoria Zagrafova. For a long time they have been in close friendly relations with the director, and the latter calls his girlfriends “angels of his travels”.

In 2015, despite the crisis, the director filmed 26 “portraits of our time. He would shoot such a number of music video works only at the beginning of his career. Over the last year the director worked with both Ukrainian and European singers, including Dan Balan, Max Barskih, Natalia Mogilevskaia, Anna Sedokova, Ani Lorak, Anita Tsoi, Markus Riva and others.

Throughout his career the director has produced over 360 music videos, traditionally setting trends in the music video industry. Such Badoev’s productivity is an unprecedented record in the musical sphere of the entire Eastern Europe, and the director has been rightly honored the title of the symbol of Ukrainian music video production.

Let us recall that in the past year Alan Badoev was named the best music video director of the country by version of M1 Music Awards, which became his first professional award received in Ukraine.