Music project “Mademoiselle Zhivago” will soon be introduced to the fans of the coolest trio: composer and producer Igor Krutoy, singer Lara Fabian and director Alan Badoev.

“Mademoiselle Zhivago” is an unexampled project for Eastern Europe countries created by composer and producer Igor Krutoy, singer Lara Fabian and director Alan Badoev. The shooting took place in Ukraine in 2010. The project is based on 9 portraits shaped by Lara Fabian.

The history knows really few examples when absolutely all songs of the album were made into a movie and featured one plot. The best music movies of the like are the ones by “The Beatles”, “Pink Floyd” and Mylene Farmer. But in the Eastern Europe such a project is unique.

The first shows of “Mademoiselle Zhivago” had already been set for the previous year. The project experienced and has overcome the time trials and artistic misunderstandings of the director and main actress, the muse of the entire project Lara Fabian. Eventually, the authors agreed to give birth to their artistic child and the set the real date of the first show.

A long-expected premiere will take place on April, 6 on a large screen in a “Formula Kino City” Movie Theater.

The first show in Moscow is a follow-up of premiere in Kyiv.

“I am really proud of this project. I have never created anything more personal than this. Our creation together with Igor and Lara has won the trial of time and thus has become even more significant for all of us. I want to say Thanks to Igor and Lara for the incredible time that we spent together during a shooting session. I appreciate every minute of it”.

Interesting facts:
– a model of Auschwitz, a notorious World War II concentration camp, was constructed near Kyiv;
– 30 km of film was used while shooting “Mademoiselle Zhivago”;
– the project crowd scenes included 530 people;
– each of 30 Lara Fabian costumes was sewn in several specimens.