Last Friday a movie theater “Pravda” at FILM.UA motion-picture studio was allocated for famous journalists, bloggers and film-making oriented students. They were invited by the director Alan Badoev who personally presented one of his nine short video stories “Mademoiselle Zhivago” as well as its making-of movie.

The director was really moved and didn’t conceal his emotions because it was all about the core of the project, not just pure facts.

“I’ll be honest I am really agitated because it is a truly important day. We are showing what we have been creating for three years for all of you. For all the people who have been waiting for it”.

Before showing his making-of movie Alan Badoev has narrated the story that started the project.“When Igor Krutoy called me I was in Moscow and directed another project. He told me about album and the things he planned to make around it. I asked to send it to me. I was on a four-day sick leave before starting shooting session and had really enough time to engage in discovering the album. It was a “Lullaby” that initially touched me musically. I listened to it on and on and it drove me into a state of some kind of meditation that sprouted into a really brave idea.
At first, I got afraid that neither Igor nor Lara will agree to make it come true. But they did agree! This short story is a leading idea of the whole project. The rest of the stories I based on it. They shouldn’t be lighter than it”.

In “Lullaby” Lara Fabian as a heroine of the story experiences imprisonment in Auschwitz. The shooting of this part was the hardest emotionally.

The awaited first show of the project by Igor Krutoy, Lara Fabian and Alan Badoev is set for April, 05, 2015 at “Ukraina” Movie Theater in Kyiv, followed by the show in Moscow.