After special shows in Kyiv and Moscow, musical project creators put their work in the global network for free use.

Today, the world premiere of “Mademoiselle Zhivago” project was held on ELLO video channel. The final edition includes eight novels: Fallen Angel, All the same Karenina, Family, Lullaby, Mademoiselle Hyde, Fragility, Mister President, Winter Bouquet.

Alan Badoev left a short message for the viewer, who will watch the project online:

“While watching, remember that real life that surrounds us is different from what is shown us on television”.

We shall note that today is a significant day for the fans of the creative trio – fans of Lara Fabian, Igor Krutoy and Alan Badoev have waited for the project premiere for almost three years.

After “Mademoiselle Zhivago” presentation, making-of will be put on the network, which will take the viewer behind the scenes of the shooting process.