On February 20, Z.Dance ambitious project was simultaneously released for the first time in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus and the Baltic States.

Producer of the project and director Alan Badoev invited his counterpart Sergei Solodky to work on Z.Dance project with a budget of USD 300,000. Together they invented a world, in which the main characters of the project – Max Barskih and his partner, ex-member of the reality show “10 Wishes” Kristina Mezhinskaya – are immersed. The choreographer is Miguel, whom the Ukrainian audience know from the project Show No. 1″ on Inter TV channel.

The first part of Z.Dance horror musical is eight-minute clip about the world in which zombies are running the show. The relationship of the main characters – Max Barskih and Kristina Mezhinskaya flavoured with passion and humour unfold against the backdrop of total disaster – transformation of humanity into zombies!

The title track of the horror-musical is the song DANCE, which gave its name to the entire project. In addition, the video for the first time presented an excerpt of the provocative song with underlying social message FUCK OFF – a new work by Max Barskih!

Musical arrangement of the project is made by Maxim Barskih. Z.Dance tracklist includes trendy five tracks, four of which are original, and the fifth – a cover of Michael Jackson’s legendary hit «Thriller». The overall length of the musical is 30 minutes.

Directors: Alan Badoev, Sergei Solodky
Choreography: Miguel
Musical arrangement: Max Barskih
Main characters: Max Barskih, Kristina Mezhinskaya